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TLSO Body Jacket

Patient Information Sheet

Your Physician has recommended that you wear a custom-fabricated TLSO (Thoracolumbar Spinal Orthosis) body jacket to immobilize your thoracolumbar spine. The length of time that you will need to wear this will depend upon your condition and is determined by your Physician.
The following information is being provided to answer questions you may have regarding this brace.


This TLSO (body jacket) is custom made from a fiberglass cast of you and fabricated by your Orthotist to fit your dimensions. The materials are of the highest quality available, both lightweight and hygienic. The soft liner is closed-cell polyethylene foam. The outer shell may be firm rigid foam or a rigid thermoplastic and will be customized to your needs.


The fabrication of your body jacket is custom designed from the extensive measurements or cast taken by your Orthotist. These measurements are then cross-examined with a wide selection of models to serve as a pattern of your torso. Previously, patients had to be individually wrapped in plaster bandages. However with the advent of computer technology, this is no longer the case. The model is chosen and modified. The liner and hard outer shell are heated in a large oven to 390 degrees Fahrenheit. They are draped and vacuum formed over the model, cooled, trimmed, and cut. The edges are finished and polished.


Your orthosis is a two-piece design with a posterior (back) and an anterior (front) section. The front overlaps the back along each side. You will apply the orthosis in the supine (lying on your back) position. Log roll and slide the posterior section under your side. Roll back and adjust for comfort. Your back should lie comfortably and feel the support of the orthosis. If you have had surgery, your incision may be tender but will improve with time.

Place the anterior section and have it overlap the back so the inside seam along each side is smooth. Gently fasten the Velcro to a firm but comfortable tightness.


With the use if these space-age materials, your brace can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water and towel dried. If your Physician allows, you may shower with the brace on. The Velcro straps will be the only parts that absorb water.


DO wear a type of cotton T-shirt between the orthosis and your skin. Change daily as needed.

DO clean your orthosis to prevent bacteria build-up and skin irritation.

DO NOT get out of bed without your orthosis on unless it is cleared with your Physician.


The TLSO is to function as an immobilization device to restrict excessive motion in your thoracolumbar spine. You will be limited in your daily activities because of this.

Even though your brace is constructed of the highest quality materials available to the industry, there may be some problem develop or situation arise for which you will need assistance. If this happens, contact your Orthotist as soon as possible to have the repairs made.

If there should be any questions not answered in this text, feel free to ask your Physician or your Orthotist.

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