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SoftPro™ Grip WHFO


Orthotic therapy for moderate to severe wrist, hand, finger joint stiffness or contractures, wrist contractures (flexion or hyperextension), radial or ulnar deviation of the hand, flexion / hyperextension contracture(s) of the MP / IP joints of the fingers and adduction of the thumb.


To treat joint stiffness or contractures of the wrist, hand and fingers (including thumb). From severe wrist flexion or hyperextension to a tight fist, the orthotic device can be used to restore lost Range of Motion or to maintain range while providing support and protection and corrected positioning of the affected joints. The WHFO is hand bendable allowing the clinician to hand mold the device to provide the desired therapy and positioning of the wrist, hand, and fingers. Two incrementally larger MP / IP extension rolls are used to gradually extend the MCP and PIP joints of the fingers. Ulnar or radial drift of the hand can be treated by device modification. Thumb abduction is increased as incrementally larger MP / IP extension rolls are added to the device. By increasing wearing time to three to six hours per use, the Total End Range Time (TERT) of device wear provides long effects stretch and permanent increases in joint range of motion over time. Orthotic treatment should be continued until function is restored to the affected hand.


Increase wrist, hand and finger (including thumb) Range of Motion, improve hygiene of the hand, and where possible, improve functional ability of the fingers and hand to assist with activities of daily living.


  1. Use PROM or NeuroStretchÔ sub-maximal passive stretching to point of noticeable resistance only (no discomfort) to passively stretch the affected joint capsule(s), connective tissue, tendons, and muscles. Concentrate on the wrist and thumb NeuroStretchÔ locations prior to placing any extension force on the fingers or thumb.

  2. To treat ulnar or radial deviation of the hand bend the palmar bar lever providing 5° to 10° of progressive extension stretch towards neutral from the point of resistance to passive stretch. This will provide the optimal gentle stretch of the affected joint.

  3. Select appropriate size MP / IP extension roll (when appropriate) and place over the palmar bar, guiding the palmar bar strap through the roll.

  4. The orthotic wrist base may be hand molded as needed. Provide approximately 5° to 10° of additional wrist stretch to maximize patient outcomes in treating wrist flexion or hyperextension.

  5. Gently roll the palmar bar of the device under the fingers into the palm of the hand with the palmar bar strap end approximately one inch out from the thumb web space. The SoftPro™ Grip WHFO long opponens frame should be centered along the medial side of the forearm. Attach the three WHFO straps (forearm, wrist, fingers) to secure the device in place without creating unwanted pressure on the skin.

  6. After initial device application the affected tendon(s) should feel stretched with no indication of pain or discomfort. After 15 minutes of wear, softening or relaxation of the same tendon(s) indicates that the joint is predisposed to long effects therapeutic stretch.

  7. Gradually increase wearing time to three hours or more to achieve Total End Range Time (TERT) that will provide long effects stretch.

  8. Determine wearing schedule based upon patient tolerance, therapy evaluation and physician’s order.

  9. Check for skin redness, pressure, and potential patient discomfort every two to three hours. Evaluate any red areas using the Blanch Test. Remove the orthotic device immediately if significant redness, pressure, or pain and discomfort are evident. If there is significant redness, pressure or pain associated with device use, remove the device immediately. Discontinue use until the skin integrity or comfort issues are resolved. The device may require modification or the wearing schedule may be altered to eliminate potential skin integrity and comfort problems.

  10. A significant wearing schedule disruption often requires a re-adaptation period. A gradual re-introduction and increased wearing endurance may be necessary. Note wearing schedule changes in the patient’s care plan.
  11. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for care of the orthotic device. Always inspect the device between applications to ensure the soft goods are properly in place, the device settings have not been altered, and the device has not been soiled or would provide any other risk to the patient prior to application.
  12. Whenever the patient is not experiencing a gentle stretch sensation post application (or at least once a month), check the device settings for continued application of the desired amount of progressive extension therapeutic stretch.  

Laundry Instructions:

  1. Always remove soft cover from frame before washing. Remove soft covers from palmar rolls.

  2. Close all hook and loop attachments on soft covers and place in enclosed laundry bag.

  3. Hand or machine wash, gentle cycle with mild detergent.  DO NOT USE COMMERCIAL WASHERS OR HOT WATER. 

  4. No bleach or fabric softener.

  5. Air dry.


WARNING: The product requires a physician’s order and must be properly applied by a trained professional.  The product is designed for single patient use only in order to avoid cross contamination.  Any substitution or removal of the product’s parts voids the manufacturer’s warranty.  OCSI/NeuroFlex, Inc. will assume no liability if the above instructions are not followed. 




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