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Foot Orthotic Terminolog

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Hagen’s Pedorthic/Orthotic Item Descriptions


HEEL SPUR: A horseshoe pad is incorporated into the orthotic to relieve weight bearing at the site of the spur.

HEEL RAISE/Lift: Neoprene material is added to the bottom of the orthotic to give the prescribed amount of lift (3/8" maximum recommended lift).

HEEL CUP: The counter of the orthotic which wraps the calcaneous. Standard street cups are fairly low; sport shoe cups are approximately 1/4" deep. This selection allows you to select more or less cupping if desired.

MORTONS EXTENSION: A full length f/o is required. A piece of material is placed under the first ray so that it will accept more pressure during toe off, and thus reduce the pressure #2 accepts in a Mortons Toe.

METATARSAL RAISE: An oval pad is placed just behind the heads of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th metatarsals to lift their shafts and help support the transverse arch. Standard (height) is 1/4" thick, medium is 3/16" thick and low is 1/8" thick. A full length f/o is highly recommended.

METATARSAL CUTOUT: A full length f/o is needed. These are depressions to relieve pressure from the metatarsal heads as you prescribe.

CLIPS: This is a small rise in the edge of the orthotic, a higher side, to help hold the foot in the orthotic. Particularly good in the rigid orthotics . Highly recommended for a pes planus pronator to keep him/her from rolling medially over the orthotic.

WEDGES: A beveled piece of neoprene placed on the bottom of the orthotic. A medial wedge would supinate, a lateral wedge would pronate --- in doing so would help prevent the opposite. Wedges are used in our Semi-Rigid and Soft orthotics.

METATARSAL BAR: Toe crest length is required. Similar to the met rise, this bar goes behind and picks up on the shafts of all five rays.

DANCERS PAD: Toe crest length is required. This is a pad that goes under and picks up the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th metatarsal heads and pockets the 1st and 5th. This is recommended for people who are on the balls of their feet twisting often (i.e. a tennis player).

PPT UNDERCOVER: A padding for the top of the orthotic. A high density foam material is used under the cover for a comfortable, shock -absorbing topping.

PADDED HEEL: Similar to PPT undercover, this foam material is used only in the heel area for shock absorption on heel strike.

SESAMOID CUT OUT: Similar to metatarsal cut out: only the area inferior to the sesamoids are pocketed.


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